Writer. Thinker. Problem Solver.

Michelle was born to write. Seriously. Her maiden name–Novella–means a short novel or a long short story, so her first career choice, Supermodel, was sadly never in the cards. Other deterrents: having an ‘Italian nose’ and the grace of a cat on crack.

After her third grade teacher Mrs. Canape made a big deal out of one of Michelle’s poems, something to do with a mole who lived under a barbershop pole, she embraced her fate and has been writing ever since. TV commercials. A humor column. A couple novels. Her work has made people think, laugh, and strongly react. A bus poster with the word ‘Nipple-itis’ even got banned.

When Michelle married a hometown boy, she gave up that pen-perfect name (read all about that at Kiss My Sass) but gained an adventure-seeking family that includes three kids who don’t make other people scared to procreate.

Michelle is known to be wickedly sarcastic, occasionally sophomoric, and often insightful. Her three older brothers used to tease her by calling her a Brain, but she now thinks that might be a compliment. Aside from playing soccer, going to rock concerts and hanging with her family down the Jersey shore, using that brain of hers is her favorite thing to do.

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