They say that writing is easy–just open a vein.

Michelle Sassa couldn’t agree more. These days, everyone who blogs, tweets and types thinks they’re a writer. But in a world of increasing content and shrinking attention spans, Michelle’s knack is in knowing what not to say. She likes it short, sweet, and dead-on, like a bullet to your brain.

As the brand director and freelance copywriter behind michelle sassa, ink, Michelle spends hours thinking before writing a single word. Whether she’s dreaming up a buzz-worthy ad campaign, sculpting a brand that stands out, or crafting a piece of writing that telepathically connects with its reader, Michelle’s focus is on uncovering the big idea and picking words that pack a punch.

Michelle spent 13 years at creatively driven NYC advertising agencies, most recently as Associate Creative Director at Berlin Cameron. She has done acclaimed work for brands like Coca-Cola, Reebok, the Ad Council, Tastykake, and New York Road Runners. She got her start in the Account Planning department of McCann-Erickson, where she learned strategy and positioning from group heads on Bacardi, Johnson & Johnson, Black & Decker, and Coke. Michelle is an alumn of Atlanta ad school Portfolio Center.

Michelle brings big brand thinking to any size project, for clients from Aberdeen, NJ to NYC and anywhere in the cloud. If you have an assignment that needs to be cracked, give her a shout. She’d be glad to open a vein or two.