Once Upon a Time: Reebok Kids Campaign


Once Upon A Time – Reebok Kids Shoes Ad Campaign

By Jennifer Carofano


ntil now, athletic sneakers had little to do with fairy tales and toy soldiers. But Reebok Kids has made its latest shoe campaign fantastical, as the company’s print and television ads transform children’s shoes into a horse-drawn carriage and a soldier’s tank.

“[We wanted] to take the shoe and put it in a world that brought out its personality,” said Michelle Novella Sassa, writer for Berlin Cameron & Partners, the advertising agency for Reebok.

The inspiration for the campaign came from David Levinthal’s photography book, Small Wonder: Worlds in a Box, in which miniature worlds were created with children’s toys and figures. For the Reebok ads, Berlin Cameron & Partners worked with photographer Steve Hellerstein, who has also shot some of Absolut Vodka’s popular ad campaigns.

To bring out the “grrrl” in the Flutterfly ad, the athletic sneaker was transformed into a horse-drawn carriage led by a doll-size princess on her way to save the prince. A second execution put treads on the boy’s Demolition sneaker as it rolls into a camp commandeered by toy soldiers. The ads are meant to be “dreamy, not reality,” said Novella Sassa, and will debut this June in children’s publications such as Sports Illustrated for Kids, Girl’s Life and Mary-Kate and Ashley.

Reebok Kids’ print campaign will continue throughout the year, featuring several different shoe styles. A TV commercial is in the works,as well as a movie commercial version that will appear before the new Harry Potter film this fall.

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